Special Coaching

From a tablet or smartphone conduct the best assessment about YOU
DISC is a needs-motivated, observable behavioral profiling system which measures the energy you are putting into dominating problems, influencing people, steadying the environment, and complying to rules and details.

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Special Sales Training

This award -winning skills test measures each professional’s understanding of the sales strategies requires to successfully win, retain and grow clients. With 48 questions selected at random, from a pool of over 180, Sales IQ is never the same test twice! Re-administer it to continually identify and track the strengths, struggles and blind spots within any organization’s sales team. Sales IQ plays an integral role in the sales training successes of organizations around the world.

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Innovative, multi-criteria and multi-context assessment tools.


Professional Profile 2 .Our latest personality assessment

Professional Profile 2

Professional Profile 2 is a personality assessment, designed and validated using the most recent method in psychometrics. It analyses, with scientific accuracy, the traits that influence the behavior and performance of an individual at work.  Learn  More..

Vocation: Match your interests to Jobs

The Reference for Counselors and Coaches

VOCATION is an evaluation tool designed to analyse the professional preferences of individuals. Learn More..

    Management skills 

CTPI facilitates your recruitment process by identifying managers who closely fit your requirements. The Managerial Potential Indicator (with a scale of 0 to 100) enables a quick inference of an individual’s predisposition for a managerial role, Learn More..

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence 2

Emotional intelligence is essential for achieving professional success as it drives 67% of the essential skills needed for an optimal performance  Learn  More..

Reasoning Tests


The Reasoning Test-R evaluates cognitive abilities like logical thinking, numerical analysis, verbal communication  Spatial reasoning involves the ability to create, understand and differentiate spatial patterns Learn More..

IT Tests

Tests in English, French, and Spanish

Our product portfolio is organized into 22 categories, with tests available in three difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Learn More..