Sales IQ

The Sales IQ report will provide feedback on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. From this, you will be able to accurately and more easily:

Here are the 8 stages and their brief descriptions.
1. Preparing covers how you prepare for the sale and prepare yourself.
2. In Targeting, we explore the markets or groups you may target as prospects.
3. Connecting is the initial contact step in selling where you must appeal to people intellectually
4. Assessing needs and wants uncovers what to sell and how to sell it primarily through probing and listening.
5. Solving the buyer’s problem, or filling their need, is where most of the sales attention has been placed in the past.
6. Confirming phase. Your goal is to confirm the commitment to purchase.
7. A confirmed sale needs Assuring that the value promised will be received.
8. Managing is the final phase of the sales cycle where you manage sales and accounts and self-management of yourself.


Available in 6 languages and allowing Team reports 




  • Develop a plan to overcome the individual’s weaknesses
  • Simplify sales training, any Manager can train and support  his own team
  • Focus on areas that produce results and confidence
  • Identify the sales strategies that are needed to sell a specific product/service in a given market
  • Identify every new sales applicant’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify specific training or management needs of a salesperson or sales force



The Sales IQ  assessment is an objective analysis designed as a starting point — a type of ‘personalized map’ for your sales knowledge at this moment in time. It tells you where you are, why you are there and how to improve by offering specific insights and responses based on your assessment results.

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