Professional Profile 2

The Professional Profile 2 is our latest personality assessment, designed and validated with the most recent method in psychometrics: Thurstonian IRT. It measures 14 set of dimensions in opposition (e.g. introversion vs. extraversion),thereby resulting in an analysis of 28 aspects of personality and motivations.

Tests available in English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Hindi and Chinese

14 sets of character traits are analyzed: ■ Straightforwardness vs. Persuasiveness ■ Firmness vs. Flexibility ■ Emotional sensitivity vs. Emotional distance ■ Introversion vs. Extraversion ■ Structure vs. Improvisation ■ Intuition vs. Focus on facts ■ Personal balance vs. Involvement at work ■ Desire for guidance vs. Desire to lead ■ Need for reflection vs. Need for action ■ Humility vs. Ambition ■ Team work vs. Autonomy ■ Individualism vs. Altruism ■ Free-thinking vs. Rule-following ■ Familiarity seeking vs. Novelty seeking

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