Emotional Intelligence

“People typically attribute the lion’s share of their success personally and professionally to their mental intelligence, or IQ. Research in psychology and human performance over the last twenty years indicates that mental intelligence does contribute to success BUT the far more significant
intelligence that accounts for personal and professional success is emotional intelligence (EIQ)!” Dr Michael Rock

Emotional intelligence is essential for achieving professional success as it drives 67% of the essential skills needed for an optimal performance at work.

EMOTION 2 measures 15 factors based on Goleman’s theory and provides a more nuanced picture of Emotional Intelligence. The test highlights some unique dimensions adjusted to the current work environment such as dealing with diversity and motivating others.

EMOTION 2 provides a reliable score of an individual’s inter- and intrapersonal competencies and also controls for social desirability, the tendency to present oneself in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others.

Tests available in English and French

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