Our internationally awarded DISC assessment produces more than a dozen highly customizable individual and team reports.

Available in 15 languages , 12 different reports, Team reports 

This assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions, and explores how these come together in a personal blend of style to create our DISC style:


Which style is the Best?
Your style is the best! All styles have unique strengths and challenges.

What makes DISC so popular?
DISC is a short description of YOU, custom designed in 10-15 minutes. It helps
you to recognize your own style, see what works about you, and control your
own style. It tells others how to communicate with you, anticipates normal
tensions in relationships, shows you how to read others and adapt your

Why do people like DISC?
DISC shares information about our favorite topic – us! It is also a quick and
easy assessment, and the model is easy to recall, non-threatening, makes
authentic sharing easy.

What does DISC actually measure?
DISC measures our underlying emotions, needs and fears (like an iceberg), the
primary concerns that drive all behavior. Through self-selection, you choose the
words that are most like you and the words that are least like you, and through
those responses, the tool reveals your behavioral style.

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